Flying into Paris has a few great benefits

  1. Flights are generally direct
  2. They are cheaper as well because you don’t have the extra flight to Marseille
  3. You’re in Paris!

How to get to the wedding?

If you fly direct to Paris, the best way to get to the wedding will most likely be a train. There’s a direct train from Paris Gare de Lyon to Aix-en-Provence TGV, it’s about a 3-hour journey with the round trip being about $120. The other train option is Paris Gare de Lyon to Marseille Sainte Charles.

Alternatively, you could also rent a car. That will probably be about 7 hours to Aix-en-Provence, but you can stop and visit anywhere along the way. Make a road trip out of it and visit all the French countryside has to offer! (spoiler: it’s wine)


Flying into Marseille

  1. You arrive closest to where you’re supposed to be
  2. Great option to rent a car and explore all the Côte d’Azur has to offer!
  3. You’re in Marseille!

How to get to the wedding?

From Marseille Airport, it’s about a 40-minute drive to Aix-en-Provence. I would also recommend renting a car, though you can also get a taxi or take the shuttle.

This option is great if you want to spend a little extra time on the coast and explore everything from St. Tropez to Monaco (both are within 2.5 hours driving).


Flying into Nice

  1. Still very close to where you’re supposed to be
  2. Could be direct for some airports in the US
  3. You’re in Nice!

How to get to the wedding?

From Nice, the best option is taking a car. There is a direct train, but it takes about the same amount of time and between Nice and Aix-en-Provence there’s lots of small things to see that you can’t see from the train.